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Sijo for a Gentleman

About this poem: Sijo poetry is an ancient form of Korean poetry favoured by the Korean Kiseng poets of the Cheoseon Dynasty.  Kiseng were the counterparts to the Japanese Geisha, … Continue reading

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things I’m tired of seeing in lit mag submissions

Originally posted on freeze frame fiction:
Guest post by Bartleby Snopes Literary Magazine managing editor Nathaniel Tower An editor of a literary magazine has to put up with a fair amount. Among the struggles…

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It Takes More than Abs

Originally posted on Texanation:
How come the most popular literature is romance, and the bulk of romance covers feature a half-nekkid cowboy?  (And what’s up with these guys?  You know…

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Is Fan Fiction Lazy Writing?

Last week novelist Cait Miller outed me on Twitter as someone she used to write FanFiction with at the age of 18. The internet was in its infancy back then, … Continue reading

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Obscenity and Peanuts (Dry Roasted, of course).

Warning, this piece contains off-colour language for the purpose of making a @$£$ing point. The blackguards at Amazon filtered me today, not for a book, but for a review. This … Continue reading

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Mwahahahahahahahaha, the pow-ah!

“Another nature, another universe, one that could only be reached by magic…” C.S. Lewis, The Magician’s Nephew. Today I shall twirl my British Villian moustache and talk about Speculative Fiction. … Continue reading

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Should we give a f*ck or not?

Today’s pointless procrastination came in the form of a discussion about the use of the F-bomb in writing. There are some who believe that the use of it detracts, that … Continue reading

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MacDowall: An Elizabethan revenge tragedy recounting the just demise of Jar Jar Binks.

This piece of Elizabethan theatre snark revolves around a particular fantasy of mine. Please send me a request if there’s a favourite scene from a movie you would like to … Continue reading

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The Comely Courtesan

Valentine’s Day is approaching. ‘Tis the season to be completely cynical at this false and commercial festival designed primarily to relieve men of large sums of money in the hope … Continue reading

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Fifty Shades of Snark—Part the First

Everywhere I look this week  I see “inner goddess” sleep masks and other indications that the BDSM Lite™ phenomenon has hit the shelves. Everywhere.   Supermarkets appear to be selling … Continue reading

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