LJ McDowall

Messing About With Words

Prince Charming

My recently published poem in Thank You For Swallowing.


A heroic sonnet crown in English Sonnets.

The sparkling lines of powder, how they call
Those crystals cut, to skin, to graze and grind.
The spiralled bliss to bring and bind them all
In labyrinths and mazes of the mind.
Prince Charming toys with Ariadne’s skein,
Then tosses it aside with dull contempt,
The dens of dextromethamphetamine,
Are better for your demons to frequent.
Those fettered rooms, your mem’ry’s hateful halls
The ones you had for pleasure and for pain
Where music quaked and quivered from the walls,
While darkness trickled down a sloping drain.
The sparks of meth pare back your failing years
They tear the veil; they strip the Veil of Tears.

They tear the veil; they strip the veil of tears
The Seen obscured, the Unseen swirls, revealed.
Revealed, his favoured music wraps and weaves
The quavers claw his psyche till it yields.
Good looks, well-dressed, oh…

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