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It Takes More than Abs

I couldn’t agree more. These guys are like no cattle farmers I know, and I have a family full of them. However, the do tend to look like this:


imagesIRN36X17How come the most popular literature is romance, and the bulk of romance covers feature a half-nekkid cowboy?  (And what’s up with these guys?  You know what happens, you fall off a horse like that?  And sunburn!  Holy pectoral, Kemo Sabe, put a damn shirt on.)  And where’d all the damn HAIR GO?  These guys must bathe in acid-strength depilatory.

Frankly, I’m offended.


As a manist (opposite of feminist but damn near as ugly) I have to say, this objectification of the male form is insulting.  Men are more than their abs.       katy juradoKaty Jurado, in a famous (to me) quote from High Noon, tells Harvey (Lloyd Bridges), “It takes more than big, broad shoulders to be a man.”  You tell it, sister.

I thought machismo was out of style.  I was told I had to be sensitive.  Sip lattes.  Go to movies with subtitles.  Be Vegan.  Get counseling and…

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