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Your resident evil overlord

An awesome independent author blogs about the surveillance state, the bane of UF authors everywhere. . .

Words That Burn Like Fire

I’m a writer and an urban fantasist at that. I’m sure I’m on a TSA database somewhere. Anybody who looks up homemade bombs, how long is takes bodies to decompose, how to make thermite at home, and how to escape zip ties is gonna ping their radars.

But I also kill people… in my stories.

It’s the nature of the beast. If characters don’t die, then there’s no suspense. There has to be real stakes.

I won’t say I’m at GRRM levels yet.

I wouldn’t even say I’m on a Whedonesque level.

But I will admit that I cackled, just a little, when a critique wrote a big ‘NOOOOO!!!!’ in one of my stories this morning.

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