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The Golden Handshake by Liùsaidh

Originally posted on I am not a silent poet:
Now the deficit is rising, —the workers face the chop. There’s nastiness at the bottom, —and evil at the top. The…

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Industrialising a Fairy Tale

Originally posted on Virginia Marybury:
Each fairy tale is a separate little jewel of obsessions – about raw materials (food! dowries!) and processes (solving riddles! seeking success!) – and its…

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The Ravenbridge is online.

I won’t lie: the primary reason why this blog is here is that I got poked in the ribs by several of my colleagues on the critique website I’ve been … Continue reading

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Cusp of Change – by EDD. B JENNINGS

Originally posted on SICK LIT MAGAZINE:
Cusp of Change ? I, too, once stood upon the cusp of change. A young woman I wanted badly invited me to attend a…

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The Leprechaun

Originally posted on Trigger Warnings :
Prose Poetry by Liúsaidh Standing stones. Blood on the rocks. Thrice I call you, Mortal Man. Thou hast caught my shoes, so I cannot run.…

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Note 253 – Four types of third-person point of view (POV) in writing

Originally posted on My Writing Notebook:
When a work colleague asked me if I had blogged about the difference between third person closed and third person unlimited (omniscient), I wasn’t really sure what he…

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Originally posted on WORDS BY CALASADE:
Some time ago I penned a novelette for Dark Moon Press to be included in their anthology featuring tales of urban folklore. The story I wrote…

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Prince Charming

Originally posted on THANK YOU FOR SWALLOWING:
A heroic sonnet crown in English Sonnets. The sparkling lines of powder, how they call Those crystals cut, to skin, to graze and…

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Saturday Music: Run-Around

Originally posted on The Writings of Heather White:
So figured I might make Saturday’s all about music 🙂 I’m a big fan of creating music playlists that reflect and inspire…

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